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HLMC and MediaTek Started Tape- out in 28nm Mobile Chip Successfully

Release time:2015-11-12

Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation (“HLMC”), one of the most advanced pure play wafer foundries in China, and MediaTek Inc. (“MediaTek”), a global leading IC design company, today announced that the first 28nm design in mobile chip has started tape-out successfully with collaborative technology development by both companies.

Mr. Jack Qi Shu, vice president of Sales & Marketing at HLMC commented, “This 28nm tape-out with MediaTek marks that HLMC has steadily gained great experiences in advanced process technology management and yield improvement, which has paved a solid basis for the further cooperation between HLMC and MediaTek. In addition, as one of the key IC manufacturing companies in mainland China, HLMC will continue to provide our customers with qualified foundry services, competitive products and commercial value.”  
     “HLMC is one of our important partners with good performance in the field of IC manufacturing, which has enhanced our confidence in the cooperation of development,” said Mr. Andrew Chang, the corporate vice president of MediaTek, “We believe that the achievement of our cooperation will establish a good cooperation model for IC industry, and it will lead to a win-win situation.”

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